Invitation to the Stop G4S Convergence in Sheffield, Saturday 6th Oct

Activists from various anti-G4S campaigns are coming together for a UK-wide gathering on Saturday 6th October at The Workstation in Sheffield. Individuals and campaign groups are invited to attend to share, network, strategise and plan how to build an even more effective Stop G4S campaign. The gathering is open to all who oppose G4S and want to work with others to stop G4S from taking over public services for private profit while violating human rights.

Despite its track record of complicity in human rights abuses in the UK and abroad, G4S is being handed control of public services – everything from policing to “asylum markets” to the welfare system. Even after the Olympics débâcle, G4S looks set to take over even more control of our communities.

Campaigns have begun to highlight the appalling record of G4S and to work to prevent it from putting profit before human rights and dignity. From local campaigns to pressure G4S as it cuts corners, to demonstrations targeting the company’s AGM and headquarters, we’re beginning to damage the G4S brand.

The gathering will launch the UK ‘StopG4S’ campaign coalition, bringing together grassroots campaigns, networks and organisations with the aim of providing support, resources, guidance and skill-sharing. This coalition will be inclusive and non-hierarchical.

Please email stop-g4s[-at-] to reserve a place, find out more or to request a speaker to attend a meeting to discuss campaign plans. If you or your organisation (if you have one) wish to endorse this call, please let us know. See also this Facebook event.

Reasonable travel costs may be paid to those unable to fund themselves. Overnight accommodation will be provided by local activists.

The many reasons to Stop G4S:

G4S and Public Contracts:

* G4S has recently been awarded £210million of public money to provide housing services to asylum seekers in Yorkshire, Humberside, Midlands and the North East .

* With profit its only motive in what it calls “asylum markets”, it’s expected that over 1000 asylum seekers will be uprooted from their communities to live in slum housing.

* G4S profits from the privatisation of policing, courts & prisons

* Workfare: G4S profits from forcing the unemployed to do unpaid work or risk having benefits cut.

* G4S won the contract to provide security for the Olympics and failed to deliver on time but still insists on receiving payment.

Human Rights Abuses:

* Jimmy Mubenga, an Angolan asylum seeker died, following restraint by G4S employees. The DPP recently ruled that no prosecution was necessary.

* In 2011 G4S Australia admitted liability and was fined for the death of Warburton Elder Mr Ward.

* It profits from imprisoning refugees while it abuses families and children in their ‘care’.

G4S and Israel’s occupation of Palestine

* G4S provides equipment and services to Israeli prisons in which Palestinian prisoners, including child prisoners, are illegally held and tortured.

* G4S supplies equipment and services to Israel’s illegal settlements and wall

* Palestinian civil society has called for action to hold G4S to account for its role in profiting from the detention of Palestinian political prisoners, 1,600 of whom recently held a mass hunger strike.

Selection of actions taken so far:

* Local campaigns in cities and campuses across the UK
* G4S headquarters rooftop occupation.
* Demonstrations in Birmingham, Sheffield, London and beyond
* Successfully pressuring companies to drop their ties with G4S
* Publishing detailed analysis online (see,,

Endorsed by:

* Boycott Israel Network
* Corporate Watch
* Dundee Trades Council
* Jewish Socialists’ Group
* Jews for Justice for Palestinians
* Newcastle Palestine Solidarity Campaign
* No Borders UK
* No One Is Illegal
* Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
* Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign
* Stop Deportations
* SYMAAG (South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group)
* Palestine Solidarity Campaign