Hunger Strike in Campsfield ended

The hunger strike at Camsfield, which began on the evening of Sunday 1 August, ended yesterday morning, Monday 9 August.

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A spokesperson for the campaign to Close Campsfield said:

"This was a most significant protest by detainees at Campsfield. It
was organised, dignified and disciplined. The detainees' statements were telling and moving and provided specific information as the basis for their complaints.

"Protesters showed courage in making their protest and in particular
in speaking, without concealing their identities, to radio and
television outlets.

"There is nothing like hearing the voice of someone suffering in
detention, to bring home to the public the systematic abuse of human
rights and mistreatment that goes on in our name in Britain?s
detention centres.

"The Campsfield detainees are to be thanked for bringing this to the
attention of politicians and the public.

"I am sure the detainees will be pursuing their complaints with the

"Twelve people cycled and drove from Oxford to Campsfield last night to express solidarity with the detainees who had been on hunger strike for over a week.