Disturbance at Morton Hall IRC, 30/11/11

[Source: http://www.no-deportations.org.uk]

The following is a statement from the detainees at Morton Hall IRC in Lincolnshire:

We the detainees were subject to Lock down on 30/11/2011 earlier then usual time as some detainee peacefully protested by the astro (Football ) where detainee protested as earlier on 30/11/2011 detainee Vassell were allegedly attacked by gang of officer and taken to RFA.

During the protest about 30 detainee stayed out for 30 minutes then the detainees came to individual room.

Early in the morning of 01/12/2011 we were given first of the notice to detainee to our shock it stated an attempted escape were discovered and 2 member of staff were assaulted.

Then through out the day detainees were taken to different HMP (Namly Lincoln and Nottingham and other HMP)

Only 2 detainees were sent to different detention centre one to Dover and one to Colnbrook.

Such was Unlawful lock up against detention service order authorised by the parliament.

***** on behalf of detained detainees

Demo against Nigerian mass deportation, 08/12/11

*Demo this Thursday 8th December outside Nigerian Embassy 12 noon*
Mass deportation charter flight scheduled for this day

Up to 70 Nigerian migrants booked on this flight - they face homelessness
on return. Nigerian Immigration Service co-operated with UK Border Agency to organise the flight - demand the Nigerian High Commissioner ends their collaboration!

Meet at midday outside Nigerian High Commission, 9 NORTHUMBERLAND AVENUE, LONDON WC2N 5BX or at 11.30 on the SOAS steps.

Bring banners and drums!

Calais No Borders talks and film screenings in London this week

First on the frontline of cuts and repression are migrant workers, propping up Europe's low wage economy, and refugees fleeing our imperialist wars. Trying to reach safety in the UK, hundreds of migrants get trapped on the border at Calais, where they are subject to daily attacks, arrests, raids by French riot police. No Borders Calais works in solidarity alongside migrants in the squats and "jungles" in Calais, documenting and resisting repression at the border. We will be showing films and talking about our work and encouraging you to join us, both in Calais and here in London.

UKBA 'dawn-raided' in Glasgow 21/11/11

On Monday this week supporters of Unity and friends held a protest outside the UKBA Reporting Centre in Glasgow. We had hoped it would be a day-long protest and it was!

Early on Monday morning a group of around twenty people gathered outside the reporting centre at Festival Court on Brand Street and while some attached themselves to the gates of the centre using bicycle D-locks, others quickly erected a 15 foot high tripod in front of the vehicle access gates. It took only seconds to get the tripod up and when it was up one volunteer climbed up it determined not to come down.

No Border Camp in Stockholm, 17-22 June 2012

We invite you to the transnational No Border Camp in Stockholm from 17th-22nd June 2012: a week of civil disobedience, discussions, film screenings and direct action against the European migration policy.

Boats4People - April 2012

In summer 2011 the list of boat people drowning or dying of thirst was getting longer. The situation is and remains unbearable. Thus, anti-racist networks demand immediate action to arrest the deathly EU border regime. For several months now (1) a transnational project 'Ships of solidarity – stop the death in the Mediterranean Sea' is being developed to support refugees and migrants by intervention on site on their way to Europe. In April 2012, several small ships will set sail in Italy in the opposite direction to the escape routes of the boat people: most likely from Rome via Sicily and Lampedusa to different ports in Tunisia. The project is scheduled at the same time as the Maghrebian Social Forum in Tunis. The aim is a Mediterranean network to implement a permanent monitoring between the North-African coast and the South-European islands. The scandalous incidents at sea are to be documented and publicly incriminated. Subject are the rights of the Harragas and the migrants in transit (2). Everything possible is to be done to save castaways.

“Just Go!” A Final Slap for the Unwanted: Britain’s Immigration Shame

The following is an article by Deportation Watch, 31/10/11.

Anti-deportation campaigners watched in despair last Wednesday night as almost 20 women were forcibly taken to the airport to be removed from the UK aboard a bus branded ‘Just Go!’.

They were driven from Yarl’s Wood immigration prison to join a mass deportation of over 50 Nigerians. Some still had outstanding appeals against deportation.

“It’s sinister for the Border Agency to use a coach plastered in ‘Just go!’ stickers when deporting people,” said a campaigner, adding: “Surely a bureaucrat somewhere realised that was woefully insensitive.”

Some of the women on the flight had lived in the UK for over 20 years and were respected pillars of their community. Now they will be on the street in Lagos likely with nowhere to go, few belongings and ‘their lives in tatters’, according to supporters. “This is a disgusting and racist way to treat humans,” said the activist.