Immigration raid in Elephant: a concert with a very bad taste

[Source: The Prisma, 12/03/12]

Around 90 people were arrested a few days ago, moments before going to see a musical gig. The police arrived and, after asking for identification, they took with them anyone who lacked it.

Some British media spoke of hundreds of arrests, including a hundred raids that day. There are no official versions, nor rounded figures; but the only certainty is that the Latin Americans, who do not have the documents needed in order to legally live in this country, live in a permanent nightmare.

Stop Deportation Network meeting/reunião - 24/03/12
Tel: 07511399591
Twitter: @BorderlessLDN

Next Meeting: Saturday 24th March 2012
Próxima reunião: Sábado a tarde, 24 de Março de 2012

2-5pm Bussey Building (in the theatre) / Bussey edifício (dentro do teatro)
133 Rye Lane, Peckham SE15 4ST
Peckham Rye Train Station
Buses/ônibus 12, 37, 63, 78, 343, 197

Topic: How to protect ourselves from immigration checks in the street, at work and on demonstrations.

Tópico: Como proteger-nos da imigração: verificacao na rua, no trabalho e em manifestações.

Creche and food available

Anti-Frontex Days: Warsaw, Poland, 18-23 May 2012

Throughout May and June of this year, Warsaw is to become the exhibition center of European apartheid. During these months, as Euro 2012 fans take in the international atmosphere of the tournament in beer parks specially set up for them around the city, Frontex, headquartered in Warsaw at 1, United Nations Plaza will celebrate its 7th anniversary. For last year's birthday festivities the agency organized "European Border Guard's Day", a networking event with film screenings and presentations of the newest border control technologies. This May, however, is of particular importance as Euro 2012 will allow Warsaw itself to become a showcase of segregation and discrimination, or the tactics of human selection predicated by market value that European authorities call migration management. What else but their ability to consume and be consumed makes this expected wave of 800,000-1 million not a typhoon greater than any weather predicament warranting Frontex intervention on Lampedusa, but a large group of "newcomers"? In light of the chauvinism of the European authorities to the people seeking refuge during the revolutions of this past year, Euro 2012 is to be a display, ad absurdum, of their lame dictatorial practices: the self-proclaimed referees of democracy present apartheid under the guise of games.

No Borders: Communiqué/Comunicado

To all our brothers and sisters in immigration detention. You are not forgotten! This is a communiqué from the No Borders Network...

A tous nos frêres et soeurs enfermés dans des centres pénitenciers. Nous ne vous avons pas oubliés! Ceci est un communiqué du No Borders Network....

A todos nuestros hermanos y hermanas encerrados en centros de detencion, No os hemos olvidado! Esto es un comunicado de No Borders Network....

Video of Barnardo's protest

On 17th February, No Borders activists occupied the headquarters of Barnardo's, demanding that it "quits the child detention business". Below is a short video of the protest.

No Borders: why we resist

No Borders is a political network which opposes immigration controls. We believe that freedom of movement should be available to all, not just the rich and powerful. While a privileged minority do not question their ability to holiday or work abroad, take international business trips, or to hop from one tax haven to another, the majority of the world's people struggle and even pay with their lives crossing borders.

Public meeting: Stop Deportations! 25/02/12

To Nigeria, Jamaica, Ghana, Afghanistan, DR Congo, Sri Lanka...

Saturday 25th February 3-5pm @ Peckham Library, 2nd Floor.