Boats4People - 5th-15th July 2012

Activities between Sicily and Tunisia are under preparation

Join the mobilization!

The International Boats 4 People Steering Committee decided that the arrival in Tunisia should be connected with the next Maghreb Social Forum in 2012. This forum is fixed now and will take place from July11th to July 14th of 2012 in the harbour city of Monastir (Tunisia).

Stop Human Rights Violations of Refugees in Ukraine! Picket outside Ukrainian Embassy, 06/02/12

Picket outside the Ukrainian embassy in London

Monday 6 February 1.45 for 2:00pm

60 Holland Park London W11 3SJ,

Release Somali hunger strikers from Lutsk Detention Centre!

On hunger strike for a month.

For one month since 6th January, 58 Somali refugees, amongst them 11 women and 24 minors have been on hunger strike in Lutsk detention centre in Ukraine.

Protest in Peckham against Mass Deportation to Nigeria, 26/01/12

On Thursday evening anti-deportation campaigners rallied in Peckham to condemn the mass deportation of Nigerians scheduled later that night (26 January 2012). The demonstration was a small tribute to a man on an 8-day hunger strike in protest against his deportation.

Protesters from the "No Borders" network brandished a banner demanding “Stop Deportations To Nigeria” and played music as they marched from Peckham Rye Station to the Library. The protest was well received by the largest British Nigerian community signalling a positive start to an outreach campaign aiming to raise awareness and forge links with local people. Passers-by shared stories of their personal struggles against the inequalities of the border system. One man explained that the UK Border Agency detained him for a year and deported his brother despite both living in Britain *since childhood*.

NoBorders Carnival: 18/02/12

On Saturday 18th February, the last day of the six day Convergence in London, we will gather at 12 noon at St Pauls for the NoBorders Carnival against immigration controls. This is going to be a lively event with samba, banners, and celebration. Join us!

Activists blockade mass Tamil deportation, 15/12/11

Stop Deportation activists have struck at the heart of the Government’s
“unjust deportation machine” and halted the planned removal of Tamil
refugees to Sri Lanka.

Five campaigners blocked the road outside Colnbrook and Harmondsworth
immigration prisons with ‘lock-on’ devices and a tripod shortly after

They are joined by many more supporters, including members of the Tamil

See Indymedia report here.

Dale Farm & TSN benefit party, 10/12/11

Sat Dec 10, 8pm until Sun Dec 11, 8am

An all-nighter of bands, comedy, spoken word, politics and DJs.

Venue: South London. For more details phone partyline: 07530910145, which will be activated from 6pm on the 10th

The Traveller Solidarity Network has evolved from the group supporting Dale Farm, uniting with travellers for the first time ever to resist evictions around the country, using direct action and radical politics. We don´t have 18 million pounds, and every now and then we have to buy things. Come and show your support for this historically ignored antifascist struggle.

Travellers Solidarity Network protest at Coronet pub, Islington, 09/12/11

People attending a conference of the Irish Travellers Movement in Britain were barred from entering the Coronet pub, a Wetherspoons establishment, next to the Resource Centre in Holloway Road where the conference was held. Even a police inspector who had spoken to the conference was prevented from entering with other people who had attended the conference. People who had been at a completely different event at the Resource Centre were barred because they were suspected of having attended the Travellers conference.