Movement for the Human Rights Solidarity to the Refugees-Samos

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For one more time on Thursday 1st of July 2010 50 refugees where transported for the detention center of Samos to be deported. They where transferred to the center of Aspropyrgos without having been informed that they will be transferred or the reasons without Lawyers and without translators. For one more time the police the coast guard and frontex coordinate their actions and transferred illegaly also a minor of 15 years with health problems.

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More than 13800 Deaths - the Fatal Realities of 'Fortress Europe'

Every year on the International Refugee Day on 20th of June, UNITED presents a List of documented refugee deaths through 'Fortress Europe'. UNITED media release:

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Demonstration after racist killing in Warsaw - solidarity begins

On Monday, May 24thin Warsaw a spontaneous anti-racist demonstration took place as a reaction to the brutal racist murder committed by the police on May 23rd of 2010.

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[video] Policing the Border , London 2010

NoBorders protest at the "Policing the borders" conference in London, a joint conference of FRONTEX, Metropolitan Police and the UK Borders Agency."

Anti-Frontex Conference in Warsaw

As a small act of resistance against an EU conference on border control and the "European Day of the Border Guard" a counter- conference and protest at the location of the EU conference will take place in Warshaw.

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Frontex infonight, 17th June

7pm, at The Ratstar, 298 Camberwell Road (opp. Camberwell Green), London SE5 0DL
Presented by London NoBorders and Brighton NoBorders

In the course of one decade the EU external border has shifted one hundred kilometres to the East and to the South, has deterritorialised increasingly, and its guarding is becoming a European common task. FRONTEX, the "European Agency for the management of operational cooperation at the external borders," became operative in 2005. It works with rapid speed towards a pan European model of border security.

European Week of Action against the Deportation Machine.

Stop Deportation, along with other groups in Europe, are proposing a European Week of Action Against the Deportation Machine, with a focus on joint European mass deportation flights and Frontex. The proposed date is the first week of June 2010, 1st-6th.