No Borders stall at Reclaim the Future 5

Reclaim the Future 5 is a vast all-day party event in a liberated, self-managed occupied venue somewhere in London (venue to be announced)

There will be workshops, debates, discussions and stalls from noon - 7pm

Info on: the arms trade, the G20, prisoner & detainee support, squatting, samba, permaculture, climate change, bike repair, etc. etc.
Cafe area, vegan food
Cinema all day and night (provisionally pedal-powered)
Art spaces, exhibitions

Then from 9am-4pm at least two rooms of live bands 9pm-4am
and DJs 4am-7am

No Border Folk - acoustic fundraiser 01/09/09

Tuesday 1st September, 7.30pm-11pm

Upstairs at The Dog House, 293 Kennington Road, Kennington, SE11 6BY


* STEVEN FINN - blues/folk/roots music
* THE LORCAS - folk/country/alternative
* MADAME PEPPER - a'capella/lyrical/soul

Suggested donation: £4 waged, £3 unwaged

No Borders, No Nations - benefit night

Saturday 24th October, 8pm-4am


Featuring live acts:

* THE JUNK - Ska/Punk/Dub
* WALKING WOUNDED - Folk Rock/Punk
* J.D.SMITH - Blues/Rockabilly
Plus DJs:
* XTRATS - Drum'n'Bass
* DJ JAMROCK - Ragga/Jungle

Suggested donation: £5 waged/£3 unwaged

Updates from Calais

* Tuesday July 2009 (9:20 am) The night passed with activists hanging
around with migrants who were more visibly shaken than usual by the
deportation threats. Activists patrolled other jungles in cars in an
attempt to monitor the police. It has been a night of people arriving
from Netherlands Belgium UK France to show solidarity withy migrants in
Calais. Early in the morning CRS riot police shot tear gas into the Pastun
jungle and beat up and removed five people. Unfortunately this is nothing new in Calais these days

Call out for activists, legal observers, journalists

... and video activists to support migrants in Calais against imminent police attack and deportation!

The French immigration minister, Mr.Besson has officially announced
that plans for the destruction of the refugee camps in Calais and the
subsequent deportation of refugees will take place this week between
the 20th and 25th of July.

There is an urgent need for people to go to Calais to protest against
the clearances as well as to act as legal & human rights observers
as police begin destroying the camps and attempting to remove people.

Demonstration at the French Embassy in London, Monday 20th July

London NoBorders and Brighton NoBorders are calling for a demonstration outside the French embassy in London on Monday 20th July to protest the repression and planned mass deportations of migrants living around Calais, France.

Where: French Embassy, 58 Knightsbridge London SW1X 7JT
(nearest tube Knightsbridge)
When: Monday 20th July, 12.30pm

Report on London Indymedia

Rumours of destruction of the jungle in Calais next week

Information from activists on the ground in Calais points to the police preparing to destroy some or many of the ‘jungles’ housing around 1,800 migrants in Calais, this Monday 20th July or Tuesday 21st July. These ‘jungles’ are where people who have travelled across Europe wait in makeshift shelters, with little food or medical assistance, for their nightly attempts to get onto lorries making the crossing to the UK. Many of the migrants will be unaware of this threat.