Calais Updates 8 August 2010

Sunday 8th August: The Pashto jungle was raided at 2 am today and some underage boys aged 14 to 16 were arrested and taken to Coquelles, from where they had to walk back for approx 1 hr 45 min. Three of the same boys were arrested again in front of the food distribution place at approx 3.30 together with two adults. The boys were soon released and turned up at food distribution in the evening.

Updates from Calais ( 4/5 August 2010 )

A raid was made on the Pashtun jungle at 6.30 am on Tuesday ( 3rd August ) morning. No Borders activists were present and able to alert the people sleeping there. 5 Afghans were arrested, some of whom had papers and were therefore apparently arrested unlawfully.

Plenty of CRS vans were seen roamed about the town the next night but we neither witnessed nor heard of any arrests. This may have been because a new unit has taken over and were getting to know the area.

Updates from Calais (July 2010)

Some updates and news from activities in Calais, from the various squats in the area and police repression against migrants and supporters.

Tuesday 27th July: Africa House II is raided & unit 7 of CRS goes on the prowl

The new space inhabited by around two dozen East African and Pashtun migrants was raided yesterday morning in a fairly large CRS operation.

One Year of Solidarity in Calais

After the noborder camp in Calais in June 2009 some activist left there monitoring police violence and supporting migrants as good as possible. This was the start for a permanent solidarity project calling itself Calais Migrant Solidarity

Background: Since the 1990s, Calais has shown itself to be a startling case study in the way that Western countries create the conditions that cause people to flee countries outside the EU, while pouring billions into building a border regime designed to punish those who try to move into it.

Film night: Coming to Calais + more, 22nd June

RADICAL FILM AND INFO NIGHT: Tuesday 22nd June from 7 pm @ 195 Mare Street, Hackney

Coming to Calais: films + talk by activists on the ground/ open discussion. Come and find out how to get involved... even if you can't physically go to Calais there are loads of things you can do to support! Including film about the No Borders camp in Calais 2009 and recent footage.

[video] Blocage de la Mairie , Calais

Blockade of the Calais Town Hall to protest against the treatment of migrants by the mayor of Calais.

[video] Protest at the French Consulate, London

Protest at the French consulate in London against the police raid of the Kronstadt Hangar, a social space for migrants and activists, in Calais.