Crossing the Channel: Noborder Camp in Calais 23-29th of June 2009

Initiatives from France, the UK and Belgium organised the transnational Noborder Camp in Calais, France, a week of convergence, discussions and protest, which took place from 23-29th of June 2009, including a transnational demonstration for Freedom of Movement on June 27th 2009.

Transnational Demonstration (Photos): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
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Radio Interview (10min, en)
Daily Camp Newspaper: June 23rd | June 24th
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Call for first aiders and medical support for the Calais NoBorder Camp

Experiences from over a decade of action camps and mobilisations have
shown that when we come together for mass action it is important to
collectively organise the capacity to deal with medical emergencies. It
has also shown that when we take to the streets to protest against police
and state brutality and social control, we are often putting ourselves at
considerable risk. The French police in particular are known for their
excessive use of tear gas and concussion grenades. It is therefore

Travelling to the Calais Noborder Camp

Getting to Calais: some suggestions for travel, combine as you will!

Travelling with NoBorders

London NoBorders is organising a coach/ferry for those who want to come to the weekend (including the demonstration). The coach will leave Friday (26th June) and return to London Sunday (28th) evening.


Depart: 9am Fri 26th, from the Old Vic, Waterloo Rd
Return: Sunday 28th evening - the ferry is at 5pm so we hope to be back to London by 9pm.

Calais Infonight in Oxford

Calais NoBorder Camp Infonight

Monday 25th May, 7.30pm, at Wadham College, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PN

Meeting hosted by STAR Oxford / Campaign to Close Campsfield

All welcome.

Mobilising for the Calais No Border camp - public meeting at LARC

This meeting is for all London-based activists who are hoping to go to the Calais No Border camp (23rd-29th June), and/or the big demo from Calais town centre to Coquelles detention centre on 27th June.

The meeting will cover practical questions, such as how we co-ordinate travel from London to the camp and/or demo, and how we mobilise for Calais over the next month. There will also be some info sharing about the demo and what is happening during the camp.

Infonight on the situation of migrants on the US/Mexican border @ Pullens Centre, Elephant & Castle, Wed 27th May

Talk from activist from No More Deaths (, which gives humanitarian aid to migrants on the US/Mexican border. Plus showing of the 2006 film "Crossing Arizona".

Venue: Pullens Centre, 184 Crampton Street, Elephant & Castle, SE17 3AE

Time: 7-9pm