Autonomous Space in Calais needs Help

A few days ago, activists from the transnational No Borders network and the French organisation SôS Soutien aux Sans Papiers have opened a large warehouse for migrants in Calais as a response to the ongoing repression against the migrants in Calais by the authorities.

Update 6 Feb: The Kronstadt Hangar is now up and running. On Saturday afternoon police tried to keep any migrants from attending the space by building lines in the street. However, about 150 migrants ignored the police and gathered in the space with tea and coffee.

Press conference about Calais, Thursday 4th Feb, London

Thursday 4th February, 10am, Conway Hall, Bertrand Russell Room
25 Red Lion Square, London WC1 (nearest tube: Holborn)

We are pleased to invite you to this press conference to inform you
about the current situation of migrants in Calais and the new project[1] by NoBorders and Sôs Sans Papier in the town. [2]

A new self-organised space, known as the Kronstadt Hangar, is being
opened this week by French group SôS Sans Papier and the NoBorders
Network in Calais.

Benefit Gig for No Borders & Calais Migrant Solidarity

26th February 2010 @ 195 Mare Street, Hackney
6pm onwards: Food / Film / Info
8pm – 2am: Music

Captain of the Rant - 52 Commercial Road - Rabies Babies - Jakal - plus more to be confirmed!


Activists from the transnational No Borders network and the French
organisation, SôS Soutien aux Sans Papiers, have opened a large warehouse for migrants in Calais[1].

The building is to be an autonomous space for migrants and activists struggling for the right to freedom of movement. It will be host to information-sharing, debate and practical solidarity. The Kronstadt building is located in the town that has become the symbol of Fortress Europe, a place where police arrests and beatings of migrants are a daily occurrence, and where night-time pursuits are relentless[2].


or call 0033 954 621 951 (France) or 077 949 661 556 (UK)

- Fifty police officers in riot gear crack down on peaceful protest by
migrants demanding respect for basic rights

- Officers declare orders to destroy all migrant shelters in the area

- Escalation in repressive tactics leave migrants with nowhere to go

Cross-channel Protest against Anglo-French Border Regime

(source: indymedia london) On Saturday 28th November 2009, despite a heavy presence of riot police in Calais, French and British solidarity activists staged a cross-channel protest from Calais to Folkestone. Over 65 activists from across France and the UK protested against the tightening of border controls and the collaboration between the French and the British authorities, which is creating a heightened humanitarian crisis in Calais where hundreds of migrants now sleep rough and suffer constant police abuse, after being stopped from entering Britain, and having their homes in Calais bulldozed in September of this year.

Fronco-British "Charter" to Kabul: The Odious Show Continues

(press release from cimade )

A Franco-britannique deportation "charter" is scheduled for October 6 flying to Kabul. While the humanitarian situation and security continue to deteriorate in Afghanistan, that there has more civilian casualties than ever, and NGOs such as the Secretary General of UN expressed particular concern about the situation, France and Great Britain are trying, as they did in November 2008 with a joint operation. Afghanistan is a country at war. It is unacceptable to refer those that have fled to seek protection in Europe.