Demo at WH Tours, Saturday 27th March


Public demo at WH Tours offices, Kelvin Way, Crawley
Saturday, 27th March 2010
Meet 11am at Crawley train station / 11.30am outside WH Tours. Bring banners and instruments.

Dinner against deportations

Tuesday, 1 December, 6-9pm, at Grayston Centre, 28 Charles Square, N1 6HT

Delicious food and updates from community campaigns against deportations

Free or donation

Come to meet groups and individuals campaigning against the Home Office's latest move to deport as many people as possible, share information and make useful links.

Mass deportations are posing a new threat to communities in the UK. At least six mass deportation flights between 27 August and 22 September have deported people to Nigeria, DR Congo, Jamaica, Cameroon, Afghanistan, Iraqi Kurdistan.

Mass deportations, Mass resistance - public forum

A public forum to build resistance against mass deportations organised by Stop Deportation.

Saturday, 7th November 2009, 12-5pm @ the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London.

Mass deportation flights are a new and urgent challenge to all those working for the right to freedom of movement for all. Many deportees have tried to stop or escape from these flights, some even self-harming in desperation. Outside, protests and actions are being organised in the UK, Europe and the destination countries. More are needed!

Joint deportation charter flight France and UK

There’s a joint charter flight from UK and France today (20 October 2009), leaving Lille airport at 22:00. There will be a demonstration at 20:00 at the airport in Lille.

Around 50 Afghans detained in various detention centres in France are expected to be on the flight. The only details on the UK part for now is that the flight is leaving from there.

Stop the first mass deportation flight to Baghdad

Demonstrate at Communications House, Old st, London E1, on Wednesday 14th October, 5pm.
[Communications House is on Old St roundabout near Old St tube]

Stop Deportation Network - fundraiser and public forum

On 3rd October, the Stop Deportation Network is organising a fundraiser at Rampart Social Centre in Whitechapel. Then on 7th November the network is organising a one-day forum under the title "Mass deportations, Mass resistance", which is aimed of building a UK-wide network to resist and campaign against mass deportations



* HACKNEY COLLIERY BAND - nine-piece brass band playing hip-hop, 'brass funk', Ska and Balkan Beats

Demonstration at Crawley Bus Company

A demonstration was held today (30th June) at WH Tours bus company in Crawley, in protest at its involvement in the deportation of dozens of migrants to Nigeria via a charter flight.

Demonstrators entered the car park at the premises carrying banners, but WH Tours employees claimed that the bus carrying those to be deported had just left.

Employees at WH Tours confirmed that the company is indeed involved with the UK Borders agency in assisting with mass expulsions.