Second Statement by Detainees in Campsfield

Detainees in Campsfield detention centre have issued another statement on their protest . 147 detainees are currently protesting by refusing meals at Campsfield immigration removal centre.
We appreciate all the effort and support we have received.
Today we continue to fight for our rights, today, all we detainees will continue to fight for liberty and security which is our fundamental rights.
It is unbelievable that a country so great that advocates human rights and liberty, eradicated slavery still practice such inhumane treatment of humans with equal rights in its backyard with the expectation that the whole world would be unaware of these treacherous nature adhered by the institutions.

[video] Blockade of the Detention centre Lesquin

Blockade of the Lesquin Detention Centre in France during the Noborder Camp in Calais, June 2007.

Movement for the Human Rights Solidarity to the Refugees-Samos

(press release from )
For one more time on Thursday 1st of July 2010 50 refugees where transported for the detention center of Samos to be deported. They where transferred to the center of Aspropyrgos without having been informed that they will be transferred or the reasons without Lawyers and without translators. For one more time the police the coast guard and frontex coordinate their actions and transferred illegaly also a minor of 15 years with health problems.

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What are immigration reporting centres?

Most asylum seekers in the UK are forced to 'sign on' at a nearby immigration reporting centre on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly). This involves finger-printing and re-activating their biometric ID cards. Many have to travel long distances and spend a significant amount of the already little money they are given on bus fares. There is no justification for all this hardship and humiliation other than the immigration authorities' wish to make life more miserable for refugees and migrants so that they give up and leave, as well as deterring others from coming here.

[video] Arora Hotel Protest, 2009

Protest at the Arora Hotel in Heathrow against the companies plans to convert a Hotel at Gatwick Airport into an "Immigration Centre".

[video] Serco / Yarl's Wood

Demonstration at the offices of SERCO in support of the hungerstrikers in Yarl's Wood detention centre, which is run by SERCO.

Germany: Young refugee commits suicide in deportation centre

The suicide of a Georgian refugee in a Hamburg deportation centre graphically expresses the contempt for human life on the part of the city's Senate - a coalition of the free-market Free Democratic Party and the Greens.

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