PRESS RELEASE: Arora Hotels Back in Deportation Business

( London NoBorders, Monday 31 January 2011 ) London NoBorders has received information that the hotel Company Arora International [1] has started a second attempt to make money from the Home Office's deportation business. The company plans to use the site of a residential school for children with behavioural and learning difficulties in Pease Pottage, Crawley, Sussex owned by the Arora Group
subsidiary "The Crossroads Childrens (sic) Education Services Ltd.",
into an immigration detention facility. It is the second attempt by Arora Hotels to extend their business into detention following the company's failure to gain planning permission to turn one of their hotels in Crawley into a holding facility for immigrants in 2010. [2] Crawley Forest School has been told to vacant the property by 1 April 2011.

Campsfield IRC - Anniversary demo 27/11/10

Sat 27 Nov - Campsfield Anniversary Demo - 12.00pm to 2.00pm

The Campaign To Close Campsfield are commemorating the opening of Campsfield Immigration Removal Centre (near Oxford airport) 17 years ago.

Speakers include: former detainees, trade unionists, and students.
Bring music, banners, and messages of support. (Followed by..)

Barbed Wire Britain Open Meeting at Exeter Hall Kidlington (2 miles from Campsfield) - 2.15 to 4.00 pm

2.15 Lunch (bring and share)

No to Larne immigration detention centre (NI)

PRESS RELEASE - Refugee Action Group

The Refugee Action Group has stepped up its campaign against the opening of the immigration detention centre in Larne as the Home Office UK Border Agency presses ahead with plans for the centre. The Larne Borough Council meets on Friday to make a final planning decision on the centre. This would be the first such centre in Northern Ireland, possibly housing 22 detainees at any one time. The Group notes that in 2008, the Council of Europe urged the UK government “to consider the possibility of drastically limiting migrants’ administrative detention”. Despite this and the considerable recent cuts to the Home Office budget, the UK Border Agency appears intent on the very costly exercise of building an immigrant detention facility in Larne.

Revolt in detention centre in Italy, 11/10/10

On Monday afternoon, 102 immigrants including 30 Algerians escaped from the Elmas detention centre in Cagliari, Sardinia. According to the Italian media, the revolt started when some of the detainees refused to be transferred to a closed detention centre (CIE) whilst 40 of them were able to get out of the centre onto the adjacent runway, causing the closure of the airport for the whole day. The police came en masse to recapture the migrants. 10 were arrested and taken to prison in Cagliari and two who were injured were hospitalised.

No Borders for health: talk hosted by Medsin KCL 24/02/11

Medsin KCL are organising a series of talks relating to global health and London NoBorders have been invited to talk on Thursday 24th February.

In this talk, we want to highlight some issues about health care and migration. With the UK maintaining one of the strictest detention system in Europe, the first part of the talk will deal with the health care situation of migrants in immigration detention. In the second part we want to talk about the issues around access to health care for asylum seekers in the UK in general.

Hunger Strike in Campsfield ended

The hunger strike at Camsfield, which began on the evening of Sunday 1 August, ended yesterday morning, Monday 9 August.

see also: Hunger strike at Campsfield immigration prison | Inside Campsfield Detention Centre | Second Statement by Detainees in Campsfield | Campaign to close Campsfield

Solidarity demonstration with Campsfield Hungerstrikers

The Campaign to close Campsfield calls for a Vigil/demonstration at 7pm Monday 9 August outside Campsfield Detention Centre to show solidarity with the detainees who are refusing meals to protest their detention.

more information about the current protest inside Campsfield: 1 | 2