Report from Festival Without Borders in Calais, September 2010

We actually did it: No Borders Calais organised a successful week-long music festival in Calais (6-12 September 2010), one of the shittest towns in Europe, in the teeth of the French police and the local authorities, with no publicity at all, a few hundred euros, and little of what you could call organisation. And some of us say it was just about the best party we've ever been to.

Discussion on "Surveillance and Borders" at the Anarchist Bookfair 23/10/10

Every day people in the UK are subjected to surveillance and borders. We are followed by CCTV, we leave electronic footprints when we use bankcards or search online, and we need to present the right papers to access “public” services. This is all designed to control us and prevent freedom of movement. Technology that was pioneered at national frontiers, such as drones, is now used to monitor protests.

No One Is Illegal Public Meeting 20/10/10: Language and Immigration Controls

Discussion on the introduction of a pre-entry English Language Requirement for the Spousal Visa

* 20th October, 7pm to 9pm

* Unite Offices, 128 Theobold’s Road, WC1X 8TN, nearest tube Holborn

* Speaker: Emily Churchill (co-founder of a campaign to try and stop the new law)

Stop deportations to Iraq! Demo at Iraqi Embassy 06/10/10

Demonstration called by the Coalition to Stop Deportations to Iraq:

Wednesday 6th October, 12.30pm-1.30pm

At the Iraqi Embassy, 3 Elvaston Place, London SW7 5QH (just off Gloucester Road, two minutes north of Gloucester Road underground station)

In the last month more than one hundred Iraqi and Kurdish refugees have been deported to Baghdad. There is another mass deportation planned for the 6th October.

People are being taken from their families and homes in the UK, detained, beaten and sent back to a war zone.

The Kurdistan Regional Government was shamed into refusing to accept anymore deportations to the north of Iraq after a popular campaign led by deportees and refugees in Iraq and Europe.

Instead, the British Government has started to deport people back to Baghdad as it continues to play politics with the lives of Iraqi refugees.

PRESS RELEASE (Brussels No Border camp): Activists file complaint against illegal preventative arrests

30/09/10, for immediate release

On Wednesday 29th September, an international demonstration took place in Brussels against the new European directives on economic austerity. According to our estimates 300 participants of the No Border Camp, which is taking place throughout the week in Brussels, were arrested preventatively at different locations in the city, on their way to the demonstration. A group of Brussels lawyers have prepared a complaint which is being delivered on Friday, demanding that free expression of opinion must be respected as a democratic right.

Stop the BNP and EDL! Public meeting 22/09/10

No One is Illegal (NOII) public meeting
22nd September 2010, 7pm
@ Unite House, 128 Theobald’s Road, Holborn

Solidarity with Muslim and Black communities, migrants, women and all oppressed groups!

Smash Racism and Fascism – End Immigration Controls!

With guest speakers Pragna Patel and Helen Lowe from Women Against Fundamentalism: who have been actively campaigning around the issues of race, religion, sexuality and gender for many years.

Iraqis assaulted on mass deportation flight to Baghdad 07/09/10

Press release from the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees, 9/9/10:

Iraqi refugees have were assaulted by British security guards contracted by the UK Border Agency and Iraqi police on the mass deportation flight that left London for Baghdad on Monday night carrying more than sixty people.

The International Federation of Iraqi Refugees has seen photographs of the injuries inflicted and will be making a formal complaint to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).