Life is too short (Part 2) - discussion, 16/09/10

Discussion about the Life is too short (part 2) demo on Saturday 30th October against internal and external surveillance.

7pm at the Ratstar, 298 Camberwell Road (opp. Camberwell Green), London SE5 0DL.

Read more about "Life is too short (part 1)" on 23/09/10 here.

Frontex infonight, 13th September

7pm, at LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1ES

In the course of one decade the EU external border has shifted one hundred kilometres to the East and to the South, has deterritorialised increasingly, and its guarding is becoming a European common task. FRONTEX, the "European Agency for the management of operational cooperation at the external borders," became operative in 2005. It works with rapid speed towards a pan European model of border security.

Solidarity demonstration with Campsfield Hungerstrikers

The Campaign to close Campsfield calls for a Vigil/demonstration at 7pm Monday 9 August outside Campsfield Detention Centre to show solidarity with the detainees who are refusing meals to protest their detention.

more information about the current protest inside Campsfield: 1 | 2


Second Statement by Detainees in Campsfield

Detainees in Campsfield detention centre have issued another statement on their protest . 147 detainees are currently protesting by refusing meals at Campsfield immigration removal centre.
We appreciate all the effort and support we have received.
Today we continue to fight for our rights, today, all we detainees will continue to fight for liberty and security which is our fundamental rights.
It is unbelievable that a country so great that advocates human rights and liberty, eradicated slavery still practice such inhumane treatment of humans with equal rights in its backyard with the expectation that the whole world would be unaware of these treacherous nature adhered by the institutions.

Updates from Calais ( 4/5 August 2010 )

A raid was made on the Pashtun jungle at 6.30 am on Tuesday ( 3rd August ) morning. No Borders activists were present and able to alert the people sleeping there. 5 Afghans were arrested, some of whom had papers and were therefore apparently arrested unlawfully.

Plenty of CRS vans were seen roamed about the town the next night but we neither witnessed nor heard of any arrests. This may have been because a new unit has taken over and were getting to know the area.

Hunger strike at Campsfield immigration prison, 02/08/10

Some detainees at Campsfield immigration prison near Oxford have been on hunger strike since the evening of Tuesday 2nd August. Here is the statement that they released, entitled "Unlawful Detention of Detainees":

147 detainees are staging a protest by refusing meals at Campsfield immigration removal centre. The protest erupted as a result of the treatment of detainees in detention centres especially for people who have been detained for a long period of time. We continue to refuse meals indefinitely for our voices to be heard.

Brussels NoBorder Camp fundraiser @ The Ratstar

Tuesday 31st August
@ The Ratstar, 298 Camberwell Road, Camberwell SE5 0DL

Fundraiser for the Brussels NoBorder camp

Evening organised by the Big Takeover. Details here