Meeting about creating a migrant/activist space in London, 6th July

Following last month's meeting about the past, present and future of anti-deportation campaigning, there is a meeting on TUESDAY JULY 6th at 7pm, at LARC (62 Fieldgate St, Whitechapel, E1 1ES), about CREATING A RESOURCE CENTRE AND NETWORKING SPACE IN LONDON FOR MIGRANTS AND OTHER ACTIVISTS

One Year of Solidarity in Calais

After the noborder camp in Calais in June 2009 some activist left there monitoring police violence and supporting migrants as good as possible. This was the start for a permanent solidarity project calling itself Calais Migrant Solidarity

Background: Since the 1990s, Calais has shown itself to be a startling case study in the way that Western countries create the conditions that cause people to flee countries outside the EU, while pouring billions into building a border regime designed to punish those who try to move into it.

Film night: Coming to Calais + more, 22nd June

RADICAL FILM AND INFO NIGHT: Tuesday 22nd June from 7 pm @ 195 Mare Street, Hackney

Coming to Calais: films + talk by activists on the ground/ open discussion. Come and find out how to get involved... even if you can't physically go to Calais there are loads of things you can do to support! Including film about the No Borders camp in Calais 2009 and recent footage.

Lufthansa-owned British Midland International (BMI) plans charter deportation to Afghanistan

Sunday 13 June 2010

According to information received in the last few days, Nottinghamshire-based British Midland International (BMI), owned since last year by the German airline Lufthansa, is planning a deportation charter flight to Kabul, Afghanistan, this Tuesday 15th June.

In the last few months BMI have taken part in deportations to Sudan, Ethiopia and Iran.

Two days of action against racist press, 2nd-3rd July

Sick of being lied to?

What are immigration reporting centres?

Most asylum seekers in the UK are forced to 'sign on' at a nearby immigration reporting centre on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly). This involves finger-printing and re-activating their biometric ID cards. Many have to travel long distances and spend a significant amount of the already little money they are given on bus fares. There is no justification for all this hardship and humiliation other than the immigration authorities' wish to make life more miserable for refugees and migrants so that they give up and leave, as well as deterring others from coming here.

Resisting deportations across Europe

This article attempts to chronicle some resistance to deportations across Europe in recent years. It is far from a complete database and is a work in progress.


23/10/09 - Day of action against deportations at Vienna Schwechat airport.