Updates from Calais (July 2010)

Some updates and news from activities in Calais, from the various squats in the area and police repression against migrants and supporters.

Tuesday 27th July: Africa House II is raided & unit 7 of CRS goes on the prowl

The new space inhabited by around two dozen East African and Pashtun migrants was raided yesterday morning in a fairly large CRS operation.

Life is too short to be controlled (part 2)

London NoBorders proudly announce the second part of "Life is too short to be controlled", a protest against internal and external surveillance.

The protest will take place in London on Saturday 30 October 2010.

Read more about the demonstration.

Forward Intelligence Team was not authorised to monitor NoBorders Meeting. Protestors acquitted in Crown Court.

(press release by London NoBorders)
London NoBorders welcomes the Crown Court decision to clear three activists of the charges of "obstructing the police".  The Inner London Crown Court ruled that police surveillance of a public political meeting had not been proved to be lawful and that the police had failed to provide any evidence that they were pursuing a "legitimate aim". 

Three activists were arrested at the meeting called by London NoBorders in June 2008 when they protested against the surveillance of the meeting by the Metropolitan Police's "Forward Intelligence Team."

Creating a resource centre and networking space for migrants and other activists

London Catholic Worker (LCW) have been given use of a house and church in Manor House for 2 years and aim to create a nightshelter for migrants without recourse to public funds. The space will be available during the day and could provide a great location for a resource centre. LCW are spending time cleaning and decorating to prepare the space and are in need of hands skilled and unskilled to help.

Life is too short (Part 2) - discussion, 08/09/10

Discussion about the Life is too short (part 2) demo on Saturday 30th October.

7pm at LARC (London Action Resource Centre), 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel E1 1ES. All welcome.

This infonight will be repeated on 16th September at the Ratstar, 298 Camberwell Road (opp. Camberwell Green), London SE5.

Infonight for Brussels NoBorder camp, Wed 25th August

From 25th September - 3rd October 2010 there will be a NoBorder camp in Brussels.

Come to this infonight at 7pm in LARC (62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel E1 1ES) to find out more about the camp and to arrange travel with others from London.

"Days of Action against the Racist Press" , METRO did not like it.

It appears that as part of the "Days of Action against the Racist Press" some people have distrubuted a freesheet called "metr0" all over London last Friday which shared some similarities with the well known "METRO free newspaper", which is published by Associated Newspapers Ltd, who are also behind the "Daily Mail". The newspaper featured a headline stating that "Gordon Brown is to be deported to Scotland" and other articles related to racism in the British press.