Migration prison blockade delays charter; numerous detainees did not fly

On Tuesday 14th February at 6.30pm activists from the NoBorder network blockaded Harmondsworth migration prison near Heathrow to try to stop a charter flight to Ghana, scheduled for 12.10am.

The blockade lasted for over 6 hours but ended at 1.30am with 11 protestors taken into custody, charged with public order offences.

Harmondsworth blockaders held by police for second night

Eleven No Borders activists arrested on Tuesday during a detention centre blockade are being held by police for a second night. They are due to appear at Uxbridge magistrates court at 10am this morning, charged with causing 'serious disruption to the life of the community' under Section 14 of the Public Order Act.

* Supporters have called for a solidarity demonstration at the court.

Activists blockade Heathrow detention centre to stop mass deportation flight to Ghana

* No Borders activists block both exits of Europe’s largest immigration prison using heavy concrete blocks and a scaffolding tripod
* Dozens of migrants held at the prison are due to be deported to Ghana on a specially chartered flight at midnight

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Mainstream media coverage: Guardian | BBC |

TSN national meeting and Dale Farm debrief, Cambridge, 25/02/12-26/02/12

Saturday February 25th: Traveller Solidarity National Meeting 10am to 5pm,followed by after party. All welcome.

Sunday February 26th: Dale Farm Activist's debrief 11am to 4 pm

Sleeping space, travel pool to offset those coming from afar, and
children's creche all available.

No Border Camp Koeln/Duesseldorf, 13-22 July 2012

Cologne, Germany, 13-22 July 2012

gathering | exchanging | networking | empowering

To deal together and in various forms with:
(Charter-)deportations, Frontex, antiziganism, everyday-racism and far right discourses; institutional racism, the disastrous living conditions and struggles of migrants and refugees, (post-) colonialism, the horrible situation on the external frontiers, and other issues. Also critical whiteness and empowerment will play an important role.

Boats4People - 5th-15th July 2012

Activities between Sicily and Tunisia are under preparation

Join the mobilization!

The International Boats 4 People Steering Committee decided that the arrival in Tunisia should be connected with the next Maghreb Social Forum in 2012. This forum is fixed now and will take place from July11th to July 14th of 2012 in the harbour city of Monastir (Tunisia).

Bordered London: Agencies & companies involved in the detention & deportation machine

Thousands of migrants are illegalised, locked up and forcibly deported every year for doing what people have done for thousands of years: moving in search of a better life, fleeing wars, persecution, discrimination, abuse and so on. Their lives are made miserable by discriminatory policies devised by unscrupulous decision makers and private companies that make vast profits from their suffering. From immigration prisons, reporting centres, to government and corporate offices, this map is intended to illustrate how the border regime in London and the surrounding areas works.